Every year IFEFA brings you the best of films, entertainment filled with inspiration and affair with providing a platform for the movies around the world.

Established in year 2013, IFEFA has grown into an annual event that film makers, critiques and audiences look forward to.

Our Story

IFEFA began with an ambition to support artists, film makers and to provide an opportunity to the upcoming and ground breaking ideas in film industry around the world.

IFEFA event is unique with the focus on South Asian countries and India in particular. We aim to broaden and deepen the cultural and economic ties between India, Australia and rest of the world.

Indian diaspora in Australia has been increasing its influence in socio-economic landscape as well as political arena. Indians have been nurturing their culture and developing communities around Australia.

IFEFA is a dream project for the team involved that have been working on the concept for some time now with their focus on the cultural development and community support. IFEFA aims and objectives are aligned to achieve the highest standards of cohesive international communities by fostering cultural diversity, multiculturalism, mutual understanding and peace.

IFEFA, since its inception we have generated lots of interest from the international communities that are supporting and looking forward to participate in the event from Canada, US, UK, India, Pakistan and many other countries that we have been reaching out to. We are hosting a number of actors/ directors and film professionals from Bollywood and South Indian movie industry.

IFEFA also aims to provide workshops, support local talent, produce local content, documentaries and engage with world’s finest and leading film and art fraternity.